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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Impress a girl !!!!!!

How to Impress a girl  !!!!!!
This s the Question that makes tense to every Guy.
I am just trying to solve your problems Guys in a simple points

Be Real and avoid “ Show Off” :
If You really wants a Girl Or want to impress her BE  REAL. Don’t  try to make a virtual image . You cant Impress a Girl by the tactics of  “ Show off “.The Best way to Impress Your Princess Be real and let things happen automatically.

Be Frank and  make her comfortable:
Whenever you are with her Be frank , Don’t used any abusing language in front of her. Girl really love it When A boy Make her laugh so try to make her happy bye applying some silly jokes.

Be Honest :
After 2 or 3 meeting  say her about your feelings. Tell her That You like her.

Be a Good Listener :
Every girl having so many topics to talk . may be that topics are not in your choice but if you want her , listen her patiently. That will help you to know more about her. .