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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Choice

I am on the most confused stage of my life.I have evrything Still I am not Happy.......

I think its because of  "The Choice". I have everything in its best part.But I don't have My Choice......., these are few of the most confused days of my life.I don't know what should I do ?
Right Now I just want a shoulder , So that I can cry or share my feelings but i don't have that relation of my choice. I have my family members with me but don't want to show them about my problems.
I have a job with a good salary but location don't match with my choice.I have a Huge faith on Sai , hope so that will work.....


funky_unik said...

Hey same is the problem here there it all up at Sai....ALL THE BEST...never give up fighting.....that makes u live alive.....don't live like deadman