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Saturday, October 16, 2010

If He Left you For Some Misunderstandings, Or You Want To Get Him Back

Your relationship ended a while ego because of some useless misunderstandings. It has a Couple of weeks since the breakup, and you still have the craving to get back him. Now That you are over the pain of your breakup, you are utterly fuming with him – How dare he dump you for some useless reasons !

You are dogged to execute whatever it takes back to convince him to come back to you.

You have recently realized that he chosen someone else and now you are extremely jealous and angry that some other mutual friends are sharing his life and you are not in them. You are feeling so sadden when your mutuals are talking about that chat what they did last night to him. You are so disappoint or annoyed because your best buddy is failed to understand you right.

If you still have some deep thoughts or feelings for him or you really want o try to get a hold back him at some stage, then at least wait and see what happens in coming some time. Let things be and carry on with your own life for now. Just leave all the things for some time and not interfere in your ex’s life, give him some time. Except wait for the right time you don’t have any other option.


Raj said...

I appreciate your article about love how it comes to break-up.

plz visit by blog also and give your precious comments.

Saurabh said...

There is another option, You need to rework on your priority list and push the 'relationship priority' few steps down the ladder where as working on your career, goals, family, friends, hobbies etc....mor U think about the breakup more captures your thoughts!!!