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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love Can't be Complete : Love Needs Commitment

The most Beautiful word that everyone wants in their life . I don’t think so on this ground there a solo Guy who don’t like to have a caring buddy. I agree that Our parents are most caring for all of us but after a period when there are some secrets in your heart that you can’t divide up with your parents , but you can share them with your best buddies or the your Lover. 

Hey guys have you noticed I have mentioned a word lover in above stanza. So what you think what is love ! 

1: Hmm , a few people says thinking about someone special all the time
2: Next few says Spending your days and nights with someone special
3: The next some says the person who can make you smile even when you are in most horrible mude 
4: More replies include who knows everything about you or still cares you .

Gr8 , I have got so many interesting replies like above four one.

But I want to ask people How can I stop a Relation

Now the replies are : by Changing your Girlfriend or by changing your Number 

For me Love is unsatisfactory till the day you will get marry with the same one. Without any commitment love is only a lust or a crush. There are a very few lucky couple . Or I really want to say them Guys you are so lucky......


Saurabh said...

I like the way U have penned down your thoughts in most simple way.... but I guess our definition of love needs to go beyond the act of marriage.... I feel that if you really love someone than U should cherish the moments U got to spent and expectations only ruin the sweet taste of such relationships.