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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

why people falls in love

Hey guys……..

Let me guess why we all fall in love with someone special.....<3

For spending time with someone else……Or for the love Kisses…..May be for the Love gifts…or it can be because of warm hugs… ‘Oh,I really love that’  hm , I guess you are thinking the same…..i know I know…..So what is the reason behind your love story…

If I talk about the genuine reason that it should be because of  “make yourself complete by falling in love with your soul mate”. With whom you can share your feelings, your troubles, your naughty ideas, your happiness. Who can make you happy when you are so tensed by doing silly pranks… who will write love quotes for you or send you the romantic love sms with the text  “I love you Baby” ,  “love you shona” , “luv u sweet heart”. After a one fight you thinks love hurts or start sending love hurts sms to your chum. Love with the small fights : This is the complete package you will get after falling in love .