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Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Tips for dating a co-worker

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Our professional lives constitute for more hours per day spent in the workplace and thus,it is natural to get attracted to somebody at work. However, you need to be a bit smart when dating in and around the office. Some tips to ease this slightly dicey dating niche have been listed below for your convenience:  

1. Don’t Screw With Company Policy, Play Around It : There are many companies, particularly those handling BPO operations, that encourage dating on the premises as long as the employees don’t get too comfortable. However, there are some companies that approach this issue with a lot of circumspection. If you are working in a couple-friendly office, count yourself lucky and if not, don’t consider yourself screwed since there are ways to handle this restriction. Just ensure that you don’t indulge in something that can be easily perceived as couple-centric activities. This relates to the physical chemistry between you and your girl. You can flirt, smile, crack jokes and play with those suggestive expressions, just don’t do anything on the office premises that suggests intimacy or budding romance.  

2. Don’t Date Within Your Immediate Working Circle : Most folks argue about the risks of dating a subordinate or a boss, however, what seems more vital is that you mark out your dating territory. For instance, dating somebody who is a part of your intrinsic circle at the office isn't the greatest of decisions. Firstly, the physical proximity with immediate colleagues will ensure that you remain distracted. Further, it will make it harder to conceal your dating footprints. Try to date a coworker from another department, another floor or at least, someone who is seated far-far away from you. Dating somebody seated within a kissing distance from you might be looked upon with contempt by your seniors. This can further lead to accusations of siding with a colleague.  

3. Always Play It Safe : No matter how supportive your colleagues and bosses seem to be about dating, ensure that you keep it discrete unless you can announce it with something more credible like an engagement or plans of tying the knot. If not, try to ensure that tales of your office romance don’t become a topic of discussion during the office breaks. Understand that under any circumstances where your work or your professional integrity is questioned, the office romance angle can be worked against you. Disclosing your office romance is equal to providing a character assassination tool to your workplace foes who can use it at their discretion.  

4. Keep It Decent: PDA Is Never Acceptable At Work : Whether you choose to be very discrete or not, follow the code of never being too expressive about your feelings for a co-worker anywhere within or near the office. The reason for this precaution is simple—any public display of affection (PDA) is usually interpreted distasteful and crass and when used in or around the office, it translates into plain stupidity that can only compromise your workplace reputation, to the extent or raising questions about your moral fiber. You can go heavy on texting and emailing, but holding hands, being seated conspicuously close or hugging each other and getting too cute when giving her a congratulatory kiss are not recommended.  

5. Don’t Start An Affair Where A Recent One Had Ended : This might sound a bit too cowardly for the alpha males out there but women are quite prone to forming grounded opinions about men who have been dumped or those who have had relationships with their friends and colleagues. If you have recently dated and broken it off with somebody in a department or the other office floor, try to give it some cooling time before you start to explore in the same region. This can save you the humiliation of being turned down repeatedly or finding a date who has many, preconceived (not good ones) notions about you.  

6. Office Romances Beg Honesty : You shouldn’t try cross-dating or multi-dating in the office. This is simply too big a risk that can leave you red-faced in front of your colleagues and seniors. In fact, before you start dating a co-worker, come clean about whom you had dated before from the organization and what is your status with her at the moment.  (Dating,

7. Have An Understanding With Her : There is always a chance that despite your best efforts to conceal your workplace romantic endeavors, you get spotted as a couple and the issue ruffles your x. Make your girl understand that this kind of situation is always a possibility in an office romance and thus, if something like this were to happen, you would distance yourself from her, i.e. only within the office. Make her understand that this would be just a precaution to ensure that your career doesn’t get jeopardized. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friends Are No More Friends

Seriously, I’m really screwed up. I feel like no one cares anymore. Friends are no more friends that I knew. Everyone is so different. It’s hard to accept that people whom I loved are now no longer that same person. Life is never easy. I can’t believe things happen so fast. One minute you are laughing with them and the next minute, it’s like everything that was there is gone. I don’t like it. I mean no one likes this. It’s hard to handle things that keep falling apart in my fucked up life and I have to rebuild again and it’s never easy to do that. Sometime I think that there’s something wrong with me .

Everyday thinking of what can happen in my life. Thinking who I will lose and wondering what to do in life. I wanted to go with the flow and I don’t seem to be doing that. I’m tired of all this crap.

Loneliness and pain is what I feel these days. Every stone’s been turned around. My beginning had already begun and now I have to run. There’s nothing left here anymore and it’s making me insane. No one knows how I feel. The day was dark and full of pain. Hope is all I’ve got. My life is meaningless. It’s so hard to get along with empty hands. The world makes me confuse and my sense seem to lose.

“I think our friendship is not strong anymore"

Monday, December 5, 2011

6 Dating Tips For A Safe And Successful First Date: Specially For Women

Dating  tips
6 Dating Safety Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Entering the dating scene can be daunting. In addition to feeling nervous about meeting new people your safety is probably one of your key concerns. Don’t let these concerns put you off dating all together. Just stay safe with these dating safety tips.

Dating Safety Tip 1: Tell Someone

If you’re meeting a stranger for the first time, tell a friend or family member who you’re meeting and where you’re going. They will be just as concerned about your dating safety as you are, and they will probably be happy to agree to give you a call at a certain time, just to check that everything is ok.

Dating Safety Tip 2: Meet in Public

Never accept a lift on your first date, no matter how nice and trustworthy your date sounds. Meet in a busy public place and don’t tell your date how you intend to travel to your destination.

Dating Safety Tip 3: Don’t Give Your Home Address

When you’re dating someone new, an important safety tip is to be extremely vague about where you live. And definitely don’t give your home address to someone you don’t even know.

Dating Safety Tip 4: Make Sure You Dress to Create the Right Impression

This tip is crucial especially for women. Sure everyone likes to look their best, and appear attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. But save that super sexy cleavage enhancing top for a later date, and dress conservatively for your first one.

Dating Safety Tip 5: Don’t Drink Too Much

On a first date, it’s tempting to have a drink or two to calm your nerves. But for your own safety don’t go overboard. Not only are you putting yourself in a risky position, but you’re also more inclined to give away information that you shouldn’t be sharing at all. ( )

Dating Safety Tip 6: Trust Your Instinct

Dating should be fun. But if something doesn’t feel right, whether it’s on your first date, or your fourth date, trust your instinct and disappear. If you feel really unsafe, don’t worry about offending the other person and don’t feel that you have to tell them that you’re going.

Don’t let these dating safety tips put you off dating. Chances are your date will go just fine and you won’t need to worry at all. But by following these tips religiously, you already have your safety covered and you will be able to enjoy your date.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Hurts SMS and Quotes

Love everyone equally ,  
Don't give special place for any because its
easy to give that place but it hurts when the person 
doesn't know the value of That place .

Longest Distance on Earth 
Isn't from North to South, 
Its When I Stand In front of you and you Ignore Me..!!

Its Still Hurts To See 
That You're Doing Completely 
Okay... Without Me ..... :( 

It really hurts when somebody
we love most ignores us when we go front of them 
and they react as don't know who we are ..

Love hurts , Love hurts wallpapers , Love Wallpaper

Friday, November 18, 2011

Difference Between Love and True Love

Love vs True Love

Love Wallpapers , Love Quotes , What is Love
Love is just love; you can love anyone, anything, even fall in love with someone and once breakup, feel apart for a week maybe a month then move on and fall in love again that’s what mere love is. True love is a mystery, a myth, a wish of each one of us but fate of very few. When you love someone regardless of what he looks like, regardless of how many flaws he have regardless of the fact that he loves you back or not, all you can do is keep loving and loving, the feeling only increases, true love is when you find a reason to smile, a reason to live for, a reason to die for.

Questions about love, lust, first love, second love and of course the one and only true love are timeless questions totally judgmental based on one’s own perception, but these mysteries have consumed the mankind since ages , it’s a major theme in movies, literature, art, scriptures and tales from myth. Love is a feeling one can have for anyone at any part of one’s life. Love is not distinctive, love is not differentiating, and love is just mere love feeling of affection, likeness, infatuation, attraction, all together can be love. Love has many faces, you love your family and friends that is another thing, and you are in love with your girl/boyfriend or significant half that is again entirely another thing. Love asks for love in return but true love is divine, out of the world and rare. True love doesn’t ask for anything in return, it has more aspect of affection, care and partnership forever. True love has no end, rather than fading away with age and time it only increases

Love Wallpapers ,True Love Quotes , What is True Love
Being in love with someone makes you conscious of yourself how you look like, you tend to worry if your body is out of shape, it is a happy feeling, trying to look good for certain someone, trying to be good to certain someone, trying to be there for certain someone but when in true love you don’t ‘’try’’, you don’t need to try, everything comes straight from the heart, well true love takes ages to develop it is a divine feeling free of all worries. True love means sincerity, loyalty, being totally committed to this one person for the rest of your life, someone without you can’t even imagine living, that someone if gone you tend to lose meaning in life you forget to smile and live just for the sake of living. Love one can let go , move on , find new second love, but true love means dedication , you would be ready to sacrifice even your life for that special someone. But that special someone won’t let you because he/she reciprocates your feeling in every way when true love really is there you don’t need the feeling to dress up and feel insecure looks don’t matter, words lose meaning, butterflies don’t flutter in your stomach in true love, electric charge doesn’t lighten up your body on a mere touch, that maybe lust or love, true love is companionship in every sense possible. In true love you tend to develop a spiritual connection between each other and a feeling of contentment. ( )

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Difference Between Working and Personal Relationships

Working vs Personal Relationships

Man is a social animal and loves to make relations in all situations of life. This is true both at home as well as at workplace. Without relations, it is hard to imagine our existence. We are father, brother, husband, boss, employee, and mush more in a family or at work. The moment we are born, we find ourselves in a web of relationships whether or not we like it. However, the relationships at work are totally different from personal relationships. This article attempts to highlight these differences so as to enable readers to try to keep relationships at both places happy and manageable.

It is when relationships become difficult to navigate we start to think about them. Otherwise, when the sailing is smooth, we hardly pay attention to it, which is the cause of relationships going sour or full of stress later on. The relationships within family members are personal relationships while those that are formed between colleagues and boss and employees are called working relationships. The relation between teacher and students is also referred to as working relationship. The situation becomes difficult when your friend at a work place tries to behave like your brother or your mother that you feel suffocated in the relationship.

The crux of the problem is the human nature to form relationships at all times and places. Whether at work or even in a classroom, we tend to make relations with others as we are comfortable perceiving ourselves in relationships.

The basic difference between working relationship and personal relationship is the intimacy or the level of intimacy that people can show. In a personal relationship, one can be as sweet or rude as he can be depending upon his mood. However, working relationships are more formal, and people tend to behave in more or less same fashion all the time. Conversations in working relationships are more businesslike and mostly polite. On the other hand, personal relationship talks are as varied as the relation and one can see a wide spectrum of conversations in husband wife relationship. Read more ...

Summary : People can get very personal in a personal relationship while talks remain formal in a working relationship. However, situation turns tricky when relatives are found working closely at a workplace. This is when there has to be a distinction between personal relationships and working relationships. If husband and wife happen to be working in the same company, they need to keep their personal relation outside the work place to be happy while in the office. Similarly, such people should not bring their working relationships at home and should change the tone and tenor once they are at home.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11 Things Not To Tell Your Parents About Your Boyfriend

" Your family is almost always happy when you're in a happy relationship. But there are certain details about your beau that veer squarely into TMI and don't need to be shared. "

One of my college friends just told me she'd had an "overshare" moment with her parents yesterday. She was filling them in on the guy she is seeing casually — he's an amazing musician and a really incredible person all around. But she happened to mention that he has a few tattoos and one nipple piercing. By the way they reacted, she told me, you'd think he was a card-carrying communist or something. So she was really bummed, but she did express relief that she hadn't said something like, "His hands are deceptively small." Ha!

So I asked my mom what else a parent would not want to hear about her daughter's boyfriend. She gave me the following a list. A parent would not be happy knowing …

That he's ever had an addiction.

That he cheated on his ex.

That he also likes guys.

That he believes in something strange like extra terrestrials.

That he plays video games 10 hours/week.

That he has zero ambition.

That he talks to his mom twice a day (because that means you will never be #1 and the mom will be a wedge (mama is hard to give up). ( )

That he is estranged from his parents (because if things are so bad that he can't be near them, then there is hurt and baggage. Even if it's not his fault, there will be scars).

That he has a record. (As in, criminal record.)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is Love !

what is love,love images

What is love? Ask any number of people, and their will no doubt be poetic, full of imagery and loose metaphor. Indeed, love is primarily just a word invented by humans to describe an emotion, and so by its very nature is eternally difficult to describe. But, despite of this there is some science behind it all. And chemical imbalances in your brain are often to blame for the joy and ecstasy you may feel whilst being 'in love'. Love is thought to develop over a series of 'stages'. These stages are:

• Lust

• Attraction

• Attachment

Lust is there to help expose people to others, and is the initial sexual desire. It promotes mating on a very instinctive level, and involves the a heightened release of chemicals such as testosterone in males and estrogen in females. The initial effects of lust don't very often last longer than a few weeks or months, before the more specific attraction sets in.

Attraction is a lot more specific to an individual and marks the start of a romantic desire for a particular person with regards to their candidacy for partnership. It develops out of lust as commitment to an individual partner expands. Studies have shown that as a relationship develops and people start to fall in love, the brain releases a steady stream of chemicals including dopamine, pheromones, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These chemicals act in a manner similar to that of amphetamines, stimulating the brain's pleasure centers, leading to side effects such as a loss of appetite, an intense feeling of excitement, and an increased heart rate.

These first two 'stages' of love are considered temporary, and so the third one, attraction, is deemed to be needed in order to for long-term relationships. During attachment, a bond forms that helps to promote relationships the could go on to last for many years and even decades. The attachment is based on commitments - commitments such as marriage and children - or mutual friendships based on shared interests etc. Higher levels of chemicals like vasopressin and oxytocin have been linked more to long-term relationships as opposed to short-term relationships.

Of course, the above 'stages' refer to interpersonal love. That is, the love between two human beings. But we can also be said to love objects, goals, or principles if we value them greatly and are deeply committed to it, which is known as an impersonal love.( )

Some Other Defines of Love :

  • Love is a force that draws one to another, creating a feeling of happiness and pleasure, and desire to share feelings and experiences. It is often spawned from an initial feeling of attraction, but ultimately is fueled by feelings of a bond between the two. Love need not be returned, unlike friendship. One can love another and the other feeling at all drawn to the one in love. Love can hurt as bad as anything imaginable. Love is not for the weak of heart, it can take all your strength to endure loving someone who does not love you.

  •  Love is an intangible thing. People should probably not put too much faith or belief in love because love is not something that they can touch and faith and belief is needed in something that cannot be tested or explored pragmatically. Love doesn't actually exist. Love is just a word that means a sum of many things. It can encompass friendship, kinship, sexual lust, mental connection, physical connection and a bond. The word love is without value.

  • Love is an emotional attachment between two individual which rests on sentiments, trust, love , affection, a sort of emotional dependency, expectations and many more. There is four different typed of love: 
  • Eros - Love for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife
  • Agape - Unconditional love
  • Storge - Love for animals or things
  • Philia - Love for family and friends.
  • We all love... But sometimes we don't even realize it :)
  •  Love is blindness.
  • Love is like an eternal flame,Once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.Love isn't blind, it just only sees what matters.Love is a moment that lasts forever.
  • Love is the greatest ineffability in the globe.
    It is, above all, God's benefaction to mankind.
    It is hard to define, philosophers and poets like to probe.
    The easiest way to describe are two hearts combined.

    The foremost precedence is to love your Creator,
    The arduous task is to cherish your antagonist,
    A person who has no sense of adoration is a traitor,
    It belongs to everybody not just protagonist.

    The essence of love is kindness,
    A lovable person is always solicitous.
    Absence of amorousness is harshness.
    The existence of fondness is felicitous.

    The quintessence of affection is veracity.
    The intention of love is familiarity.
    Use the heart to achieve capacity.
    People involved should live in prosperity.

    If you love other, you do selfless thing.
    You do thing which do not benefit your satisfaction.
    It is not how long you mutually cling.
    But how much love you put into action.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Love vs Friendship

Love is when you feel like you are the only two around. You forgets everything whenever you meets your soul mate.
Friendship is a quiet walk in the park with the one you trust most.

Love is when they gaze into your eyes and it warms your heart.
Friendship is when they look into your eyes and you know they care.

Love is when you can still feel their presence in your heart when they are not near . you want to see your mate again and again. You want to talk again and again.
Friendship is being close even when you are far apart.

Love occupies your soul .
Friendship occupies  5% of your heart .

 Love is when you will give up everything to be at their side .
Friendship is knowing that you will always try to be there when in need

 Love Needs Commitments or compromises .
Friendship is No complaints no demands.

Love a relation with no bounds.
Friendship is when you keep yourself in certain limits .

Love when you do anything for your sweetheart at any cost.
Friendship You just try your best .

Love when you can't replace the memories of a person even after the years.
Friendship when you both never change even after the years.

Love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through your heart
Love is a beautiful smile to which nothing compares
A tender laugh, which opens your heart
A single touch that melts away your fears
A smell that reminds you of the tenderness of heaven
A voice that reminds you of the innocence of youth
Friendship is a warm smile in the winter     

Love cannot live without friendship .
Friendship can survive without love  .

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Presence : The Love Poem

My joy knows no bounds
When you appear before me
Your presence fills me
With an everlasting happiness
ah ...Can't hold my heart for long
To reach to your heart
My eyes ever keep waiting
To see you
Oh your tantalizing touch
Brings a sensation
In my heart
It's a pure relation
That will remain till eternity .

Friday, August 12, 2011

Confusion : The Love Poem

My knees start to shake
When you're in sight
My mind's filled with wonder
My heart with fright
When will this feeling stop?
When did it start ?
How can I listen to my mind
Without breaking my heart?
I am so confused
What should I do ?
I can't think of anything
Except of you
Should I ignore you?
Or just give this time?
I can't think straight
My heart controls my mind !

Sunday, July 31, 2011

5 tips on surviving a long distance relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough, especially if the two of you live in two different countries. But thanks to the latest developments in technology, surviving in a long-distance relationship has never been so easy.

Whether you are currently in a long-distance relationship, or if you and your significant other are going to be living apart for the next little while, here are five tips on how to maintain a healthy long-distance relationship:

1. Skype or Gtalk

Skype or Gtalk is one of the best ways to talk to your loved one face to face while you are apart via video chat. Not only can you see the other person's face, you can also show each other different projects you are working on, an outfit you recently purchased, or your new home if you happen to be living one for the next little while.

2. Keep a daily schedule

Before you start your long-distance relationship it may be a good idea to sit down and discuss what time of the day the two of you will plan to talk on Skype or on the phone. Keeping up a daily schedule is one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong so that way the two of you can prove how committed you are to each other by writing daily messages or talking on Skype every afternoon or evening.

3. Be honest

One of the worst things you can do to your long-distance relationship, or any relationship for that matter, is to start concealing what you plan on doing or what you did the night before. This of course may seem fairly obvious, but it can't be stressed enough.

4. Tell them everything

Another great way to maintain a long-distance relationship is to make your significant other feel as if they know more about your life than you do. Tell them every little detail of your day, how you are feeling at that particular moment, or what your plans are for tomorrow. This way when the two of you get off the phone it will feel as if they are there with you for every step of the day.

5. Texting

Before the two of you separate make sure you contact your cell phone company to set up a great texting plan. Texting is a great way to improve communication because you can send each other a word or two whenever something significant happens throughout the day and you're not at your computer to write them an e-mail or a message. This of course depends on where the two of you are living and how expensive the cell phone plan is, but desperate times call for desperate measures.( More on )

KeEp iN tOuCh..................

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your Identity Card

In this earth
It's your golden birth
Do your best part
As your most beautiful art
Live an honest life
Be a smart
Don't play with dirty mud
Because you are your own guard
You are God's ward
Your duty is to work
In your own courtyard
If you can
Wait for falling nut
If you can, try to cut and
Make your own living chart
As your true identity card.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Romantic Love Quotes or Love SMS

A soul mate can change your life 
permanently whether he's around
you for a week or forever.

Despite all the things you do , Can't make 
me feel different for you.
You always remain the same. 
A very dear and best part of my  life.

Great thoughts come from the heart.

It is beter to be hated for what you are,
then to be loved for what you are not.
Life is not about accepting yourself.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Body Language: How To Send The Right Signals

You may not know it, but you put meaning to what you are saying through your actions. Almost every aspect of your personality is made known through your looks, demeanor, facial expressions, gestures, posture and body language. 

Body language is an important part of communication. To enhance the effectiveness of verbal communication, you need to work not just on your appearance but also on body language, which constitutes 50% or more of what you are trying to convey. And because body language makes up a huge chunk of your overall message, it is important to understand just how you can use it to send to your advantage.

A lot of people are unaware of how they project themselves to other people because generally, people can subconsciously identify body language signals. By understanding how you can use body language to send the right signals, you can be able to able to turn things your ways and leave a lasting and positive impression towards people. Here are some ways.

Make eye contact. Maintain direct eye contact when speaking to someone and vice-versa. This shows that you know and are sincere with what you are saying and that you are interested in what the other person has to say as well. Looking somewhere else can only create an impression that you are not interested or are not focused on the conversation. However, avoid staring at the person so as not to intimidate him/her off.

Observe proper posture. Avoid slouching. This only makes you look shorter and creates an image of you having low esteem. Stand comfortably, with your back straight, weight centered and feet slightly apart.

Smile. Believe it or not, but smiling is actually a very powerful kind of body language. Pouting can only pass negative judgment on other people. However, your smile should be a way to let other people know that you are easy to approach and talk to and not make people think that you are looking for approval. You do not have to smile too often, you only have to do it appropriately.

Use appropriate gestures. You can use your hands to emphasize your words or ideas. Small gestures can also work when talking up close as well. When someone is talking, nod to show that you are following. Careful not to overdo your gestures or appear too nervous with them, as this can be annoying.

Create and observe personal space. Create your own personal space. Especially in close-up conversations, let other people know that you have your own personal space and draw the line just there. Much as you do not want other people to invade your space, you also need yo observe their own as well.

For instance, if you are in a job interview, it is important that you send the right signals as first impressions usually mean big. Always appear interested and attentive in the conversation, but you should never overdo it as it may create an impression that you are only faking.

Awareness of one's own body language is important so you can communicate and respond to others effectively. Knowing how you can and cannot use body language can help filter out biases as well as understand what other people's body language signals mean and say about them. (

But perhaps the most significant thing you should keep in mind is that body language signals are far greater than the impact of verbal communication. And if your words go hand in hand with body language well together, people are more likely to be convinced with what you are trying to say. More often, people can tell whether you mean what you say with your body language.

Remember that actions can say more than words.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing You My Friend

When we'll meet again
We don't know my friend
Those days will not return
Your stupid jokes and my
Stupid laugh had gone.  
Of course I miss those days
I remember my farewell song
And tears from your eyes running
You come to my heart when I am alone
And make my mind fresh
And recharge me again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Separation never effects when love is Eternal

We part every day
Only to meet every tomorrow
Every day the night becomes
A thousand mile distance 
Which we keep travelling
To meet Each other
Under the Sun's light
How we wish to be together
Under star and moonlight also
To share secret of heart's happiness.

Under dark and bright lights alike
We get death after death
In our every birth
Yet our souls remain united
In our  every birth.

Temporary separations
Can't crush our craziness.
For each other 
Separation is temporary
Our love is eternal.

Couple holding hands , Romantic couple,Eternal love

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Love Hurts Notes

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its My Birthday again....

Again I am a Rockstar...
the bad thing is that just for 24 hours :(
Everyone wants to talk me
Everyone wants to wish me
why so ....!



Yup Its my birthday
Its 8th of June
Now I am a one year old model :P
But anyways moving ahead with the nice or unexpected achievements..

Thanx TO GOD for giving me a bit space on this earth , for giving me the loving parents , stupid siblings or for everything i deserve.

Thanx a lot to Readers for tolerating me..

Now Start wishing me ...

Inspirational Quote On love hurts

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Is Love...

What Is Love?
None can explain
It is like a bruise
Which gives a lot of pain
In this interesting game
Some lose and some gain.

What is Love?
It is like a mystery
Which has a Deep history
Not found even in dictionary.

What is Love?
It is like stars
Looking beautiful with shine
But true lovers in this world
Are rare...very rare.

What is Love ?
It is like the sun
Shining alone in sky
When some one falls in love
Breaks all the bonds of Shy.

None can explain..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like you ...


Like a Gentle breeze in a spring dawn
You came in my life
Innocent that I was
Did not know that breeze
Will bring the heaven for me.

Like a thing that makes me insane     
You made me lose my sanity
With that killer smile of yours
Those made me forget
How to breathe…

Like the moon in the night Sky
Shining over the sleeping earth
You were, you are and
Will always be
In this heart
So small, Yet beating
Only in the name…..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Famous Quotes About Life on Love Hurts Still Want

Its Better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

Life is not about accepting Yourself.

Great thoughts Come from the heart.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love quotes wallpaper

Stay away from Kiss of Love

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life Quotes on Love Hurts,

Life is real & love is real.But when 
you are in love with life, Life becomes 
Your Whole Existence.
And the only way to worship 
life is to sing, to dance, to
bloom ,to be creative .

OSHO (1931-1990)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Those Friends

  Faithful friends are hard to find
Keep it always in your mind.
There will be many in your way
Let them be there stay.
Some may be good and
Some may be bad
Old,young,lady or lad.
They will use you in their need
Then you will be forgotten indeed.
So use their company not much more
Else your heart will get a sore.
I may tell you a friend indeed
He will help you in your need.
If you are sad , he will weep.
If you wake , he can't sleep.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Express your Feelings Honestly

If you learned to hide your feelings , you may realize that you've lost far more than you've gained over the years .

Recognize that being assertive is not the same as being aggressive.

When you feel victimized say so right away.

Realize that everytime you withhold a statment about your feelings , you drive a nail into the coffin of a relationship.Sublimated feelings never go away withour scarring.

Pick someone with whom you'll share an unexpressed feelin.Do it constructively , tactfully, and honestly.

If you get a bad reaction to sharing your feelings , analyze the experience. Learn from the result , and how to do better next time. Don't take it as proof that you should never again tell others how you feel.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ek bar dekh to zara : The romantic one.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kindness Unlimited

Money is great but greater far is heavenly sympathy
Kindness is the greatest showering on us divine empathy
Random acts of kindness shown here and there
Confirm the world is still a living place so dear
Trust reposed in humanity and mankind
Human hands for serving and helping others
Still amply available for taking care
Small acts of cooperation save us the situation
Shown in the street and outside
Rescue the helpless from the reverse tide
Despite the entry of E world and Net shows
Ultra Modern acts and inroad of disbelief does
Human values and traditions of mutual trust
Have not faded or at all degraded
Rather they are ruling high in civil crust.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 Great Ways to Propose to Your Man

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So you meet the man of your dreams. Usually it is the cafeteria or restaurant near your office, or the shopping mall  or the jogging park.

And then comes a series of meeting. You like go out with him for movies, spend weekends. You decide that you feel great with him and can be the "Friends for Life."

Then you are stuck!! You think he loves you, but here's the Big Problem. You do not know for sure! You have searched for hints, asked him about his girlfriends, tried to find out if he misses you, talked about his views of life ......

Are you confused how to start the right relationship or propose to your man?

Everyone told you that it is a man's job to pop the question. But what if you have been dying to do so? Not to worry, go ahead. Just remember to follow these points.

1) Make him feel special
Take him to his favorite restaurant. Request his special song to be played and order his favorite food. If he is comfortable and relaxed, you will have his attention.

2) Get him in a romantic mood
Invite him to your place and treat him to the best single malt. Make sure that you are dressed in your sexy best. Try something that is in good taste, like put on a soft music. And you should not be disturbed by unwelcome calls.

3) Catch him in the right spirit
Do Not propose to him on a day when he's had it bad at work. Or say, he's upset about something. Gauge his mood and only then go ahead. And again remember that being too sympathetic ruins things. On such a day, it is often wise to lend him a silent mental support. You are his best friend, and if he needs your time, gladly spend time without discussing about your relationship.

4) Give him subtle hints
It is best to let him know of your intention in advance. But do it subtly. Say for example, tell him, you need to talk to him about something important. It shouldn't come as a surprise.

5) Say it with confidence
Do not beat about the bush or show your nervousness. Look into his eyes and say it with confidence. He will love you even more for that.

6) Avoid Overdoing
Do not show your desperation. Otherwise you might lose your guy.

7) Be prepared for the worst
That is if it doesn't go the way you thought it would. Just don't cry before him.
All set? My good lucks to you.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not Just Frens ........

When we were together
We both took a promise
To support each other forever
Remembering those times
When we played,We fought
And Wrestled with each other
We were so Happy to see
Each other,everyday,every time
But I never had the courage
To say that I Love you
Now we are apart
And I miss You like ......

Friday, February 18, 2011

Emotional Readiness - Are You Mature Enough For a Committed Relationship? 5 Signs You Are

Love speaks one wonderful language of heart!

It tells us more about ourselves. It could have been a little easier if people would have asked the right type of questions. The signs of emotional readiness or are we mature enough to start a new relationship are readily available to be found anytime, anyplace. We just need to look at the right places. It is a long concluded theory that loving souls are not desperate ones. They just want others to secure what they have been blessed with now.

Love is an emotion or purely a divinity impression.

Is there a way that we can find someone who would prove to be less of losses incurred on total amount of investment made?

The first line of advice goes straight to all those who have been thinking of buying a state of safe future by cancelling out any chances of circumstantial love-prospect happening around or at work-places. What a tragedy?

Love secures moral victory even at times when your partner starts to feel a bit anxious. The lone feeling of joy that once we were strangers and raised a careful relationship to its present form, then there is no doubt left that this 'impossible' looking phase would be soon over.

It is their belief in one another, and there are no other magical properties in love.

The second phase is to look out for any signs of emotional dependency. It is considered to be the most vital stage as partners seem to rely heavily on each other for daily dosage of talking and sharing things. It indicates that something is about to get structured in a thorough researched way.

If love could have been planned, then there would be monuments standing at every corner of the road.

There are few little secrets to be announced here. During the conversation, many would ask in the process that what are those defining moments when they would realize that time has certainly come for them to start a committed relationship.

There are no missing links or hidden signs to be discovered here. Read the following and try to learn something in the journey called 'self-discovery'.

Conflict of interests or understanding one another more: Love is destined to take place in everybody's life. The bigger question is that are we too heavily engrossed in our own version of how love must knock on the door when we are fully prepared. The uncertainty factor must not be replaced as it keeps an age of innocence alive. The co-incidence episode has nothing to with destiny, as it was wrongly perceived, but only reflects our presence at certain places in time which might not be essentially required after all, given the kind of circumstances we run ourselves into.

Now, what to better call it as 'ego' or denial to accept the fact that we all are incomplete social entities walking around, waiting for their names to be called and to be connected with others. Love provides prominence to an age old custom that humans are mere products of their wishful thinking. This might not fit into our daily plan of how love cannot be planned or love-partners cannot be chosen according to our list of shopping items.

Strange yet compatibility factor attracts least amount of natural forces.

Science can only define things once an event has taken place in its entire glorified version. It cannot predict things in hand. Love has strange forceful urge to deny us any chances of coming back to the original shape and size of heart. Once bitten by love, life attracts far more possibilities.

It is physically impossible not to have conflict of interests in human relationships. It is actually another sign in the list of things. Our understanding must not reflect any type of self-imposed behavior on others.

When we start missing the other person badly without any turbulent changes taking place on the outer surface, we must ask it why? It becomes necessary to challenge the authenticity level. It is also possible that we may start asking ourselves that why we have not felt anything like this before, why not before today?

Sometimes we get answers in the form of few more questions to be asked.

It says a lot "I think about her even when I am not".

People are only to be fooled by something else because love cannot cheat anything with dishonesty. There are probably thousands of signs in substantially different forms, floating around until we start acting on strong intuitional skills. The point is how well we know about love and how matured we think we have become to accept any such changes graciously.

The discussion is moving in a more conducive environment after what we have witnessed in our own lives. It also depends on other things such as how much we miss them, ready to sacrifice etc. The next step in this direction is either to tie the knot or stay committed forever.

Love never stops itself from showing the desire to celebrate it all over again. It has been remarkably said here "Age grows but love never fades". Once we are touched by the permanent shape of things, love cures the disaster of temporary feelings

I miss My coffee mug

I am Missing My Coffee mug a lot. Today i have lost that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kyun is dino khud se rahti hu mei khafa khafa - Kambakkht Ishq

Friday, February 11, 2011

Strange Fact about Girls

Kuch kam Roshan hai Roshini : Dostana

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meaning of love on Valentines : Valentine and Love SMS

My Religion is Truth , Love and Service to God and Humanity. 
Every religion that has come into the world brought the message of Love and Brotherhood.
Those who are indifferent to the welfare of the fellowmen,
Those hearts are empty of Love,They don't know the meaning of Religion.

" Happy Valentine's Day "

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Memorable Night of Love

In a cold and pale wintery night
I was walking down the pavement
Under the street light
The night was so cold
I tried hard to fight
but alas! I lost all my night 
Vapours were coming out my mouth
As I am smoking a strong cigar .
The night was so cold
That i could not hold anymore
Suddenly someone joined me
It was the girl that i can only see
Hand in hand we walked so far 
Feels like a destruction coming near
But it was my fool dream
and I''ll never forget it

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Miracle of your words makes me falll in love with you

romantic wallpapers
I don't know  what miracle you have in your words....
I love hearing your voice again and again
God has really done a great favour for me by sending you in this World.
Because without you this world would have uncomplete. 
Without you all colors are meaning less and all flowers are fragrance less .
For me you are the most precious gift of my life ....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Not Just Friends....But i was in love with you.

Why didn't I ask You that I  love  you.....

When we were together 
We both took a promise
To support each other 4ever
Remembering those times.
When we played , We fought
And wrestled with each Other
We were to happy to see 
Each other , every day , Every time
But i never had a Courage
To Say that I love you
Now we are apart 
And I miss you like ...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love you so much ..

O  my sweetheart i love you so much..........i always think about you....I always want to listen you..With the every passing moment i am melting in your thoughts...I am melting in You  baby...............

Just be with me always …