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Friday, February 18, 2011

Emotional Readiness - Are You Mature Enough For a Committed Relationship? 5 Signs You Are

Love speaks one wonderful language of heart!

It tells us more about ourselves. It could have been a little easier if people would have asked the right type of questions. The signs of emotional readiness or are we mature enough to start a new relationship are readily available to be found anytime, anyplace. We just need to look at the right places. It is a long concluded theory that loving souls are not desperate ones. They just want others to secure what they have been blessed with now.

Love is an emotion or purely a divinity impression.

Is there a way that we can find someone who would prove to be less of losses incurred on total amount of investment made?

The first line of advice goes straight to all those who have been thinking of buying a state of safe future by cancelling out any chances of circumstantial love-prospect happening around or at work-places. What a tragedy?

Love secures moral victory even at times when your partner starts to feel a bit anxious. The lone feeling of joy that once we were strangers and raised a careful relationship to its present form, then there is no doubt left that this 'impossible' looking phase would be soon over.

It is their belief in one another, and there are no other magical properties in love.

The second phase is to look out for any signs of emotional dependency. It is considered to be the most vital stage as partners seem to rely heavily on each other for daily dosage of talking and sharing things. It indicates that something is about to get structured in a thorough researched way.

If love could have been planned, then there would be monuments standing at every corner of the road.

There are few little secrets to be announced here. During the conversation, many would ask in the process that what are those defining moments when they would realize that time has certainly come for them to start a committed relationship.

There are no missing links or hidden signs to be discovered here. Read the following and try to learn something in the journey called 'self-discovery'.

Conflict of interests or understanding one another more: Love is destined to take place in everybody's life. The bigger question is that are we too heavily engrossed in our own version of how love must knock on the door when we are fully prepared. The uncertainty factor must not be replaced as it keeps an age of innocence alive. The co-incidence episode has nothing to with destiny, as it was wrongly perceived, but only reflects our presence at certain places in time which might not be essentially required after all, given the kind of circumstances we run ourselves into.

Now, what to better call it as 'ego' or denial to accept the fact that we all are incomplete social entities walking around, waiting for their names to be called and to be connected with others. Love provides prominence to an age old custom that humans are mere products of their wishful thinking. This might not fit into our daily plan of how love cannot be planned or love-partners cannot be chosen according to our list of shopping items.

Strange yet compatibility factor attracts least amount of natural forces.

Science can only define things once an event has taken place in its entire glorified version. It cannot predict things in hand. Love has strange forceful urge to deny us any chances of coming back to the original shape and size of heart. Once bitten by love, life attracts far more possibilities.

It is physically impossible not to have conflict of interests in human relationships. It is actually another sign in the list of things. Our understanding must not reflect any type of self-imposed behavior on others.

When we start missing the other person badly without any turbulent changes taking place on the outer surface, we must ask it why? It becomes necessary to challenge the authenticity level. It is also possible that we may start asking ourselves that why we have not felt anything like this before, why not before today?

Sometimes we get answers in the form of few more questions to be asked.

It says a lot "I think about her even when I am not".

People are only to be fooled by something else because love cannot cheat anything with dishonesty. There are probably thousands of signs in substantially different forms, floating around until we start acting on strong intuitional skills. The point is how well we know about love and how matured we think we have become to accept any such changes graciously.

The discussion is moving in a more conducive environment after what we have witnessed in our own lives. It also depends on other things such as how much we miss them, ready to sacrifice etc. The next step in this direction is either to tie the knot or stay committed forever.

Love never stops itself from showing the desire to celebrate it all over again. It has been remarkably said here "Age grows but love never fades". Once we are touched by the permanent shape of things, love cures the disaster of temporary feelings

I miss My coffee mug

I am Missing My Coffee mug a lot. Today i have lost that.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Friday, February 11, 2011

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meaning of love on Valentines : Valentine and Love SMS

My Religion is Truth , Love and Service to God and Humanity. 
Every religion that has come into the world brought the message of Love and Brotherhood.
Those who are indifferent to the welfare of the fellowmen,
Those hearts are empty of Love,They don't know the meaning of Religion.

" Happy Valentine's Day "