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Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 Great Ways to Propose to Your Man

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So you meet the man of your dreams. Usually it is the cafeteria or restaurant near your office, or the shopping mall  or the jogging park.

And then comes a series of meeting. You like go out with him for movies, spend weekends. You decide that you feel great with him and can be the "Friends for Life."

Then you are stuck!! You think he loves you, but here's the Big Problem. You do not know for sure! You have searched for hints, asked him about his girlfriends, tried to find out if he misses you, talked about his views of life ......

Are you confused how to start the right relationship or propose to your man?

Everyone told you that it is a man's job to pop the question. But what if you have been dying to do so? Not to worry, go ahead. Just remember to follow these points.

1) Make him feel special
Take him to his favorite restaurant. Request his special song to be played and order his favorite food. If he is comfortable and relaxed, you will have his attention.

2) Get him in a romantic mood
Invite him to your place and treat him to the best single malt. Make sure that you are dressed in your sexy best. Try something that is in good taste, like put on a soft music. And you should not be disturbed by unwelcome calls.

3) Catch him in the right spirit
Do Not propose to him on a day when he's had it bad at work. Or say, he's upset about something. Gauge his mood and only then go ahead. And again remember that being too sympathetic ruins things. On such a day, it is often wise to lend him a silent mental support. You are his best friend, and if he needs your time, gladly spend time without discussing about your relationship.

4) Give him subtle hints
It is best to let him know of your intention in advance. But do it subtly. Say for example, tell him, you need to talk to him about something important. It shouldn't come as a surprise.

5) Say it with confidence
Do not beat about the bush or show your nervousness. Look into his eyes and say it with confidence. He will love you even more for that.

6) Avoid Overdoing
Do not show your desperation. Otherwise you might lose your guy.

7) Be prepared for the worst
That is if it doesn't go the way you thought it would. Just don't cry before him.
All set? My good lucks to you.

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