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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life Quotes on Love Hurts,

Life is real & love is real.But when 
you are in love with life, Life becomes 
Your Whole Existence.
And the only way to worship 
life is to sing, to dance, to
bloom ,to be creative .

OSHO (1931-1990)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Those Friends

  Faithful friends are hard to find
Keep it always in your mind.
There will be many in your way
Let them be there stay.
Some may be good and
Some may be bad
Old,young,lady or lad.
They will use you in their need
Then you will be forgotten indeed.
So use their company not much more
Else your heart will get a sore.
I may tell you a friend indeed
He will help you in your need.
If you are sad , he will weep.
If you wake , he can't sleep.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Express your Feelings Honestly

If you learned to hide your feelings , you may realize that you've lost far more than you've gained over the years .

Recognize that being assertive is not the same as being aggressive.

When you feel victimized say so right away.

Realize that everytime you withhold a statment about your feelings , you drive a nail into the coffin of a relationship.Sublimated feelings never go away withour scarring.

Pick someone with whom you'll share an unexpressed feelin.Do it constructively , tactfully, and honestly.

If you get a bad reaction to sharing your feelings , analyze the experience. Learn from the result , and how to do better next time. Don't take it as proof that you should never again tell others how you feel.