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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is Love !

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What is love? Ask any number of people, and their will no doubt be poetic, full of imagery and loose metaphor. Indeed, love is primarily just a word invented by humans to describe an emotion, and so by its very nature is eternally difficult to describe. But, despite of this there is some science behind it all. And chemical imbalances in your brain are often to blame for the joy and ecstasy you may feel whilst being 'in love'. Love is thought to develop over a series of 'stages'. These stages are:

• Lust

• Attraction

• Attachment

Lust is there to help expose people to others, and is the initial sexual desire. It promotes mating on a very instinctive level, and involves the a heightened release of chemicals such as testosterone in males and estrogen in females. The initial effects of lust don't very often last longer than a few weeks or months, before the more specific attraction sets in.

Attraction is a lot more specific to an individual and marks the start of a romantic desire for a particular person with regards to their candidacy for partnership. It develops out of lust as commitment to an individual partner expands. Studies have shown that as a relationship develops and people start to fall in love, the brain releases a steady stream of chemicals including dopamine, pheromones, serotonin, and norepinephrine. These chemicals act in a manner similar to that of amphetamines, stimulating the brain's pleasure centers, leading to side effects such as a loss of appetite, an intense feeling of excitement, and an increased heart rate.

These first two 'stages' of love are considered temporary, and so the third one, attraction, is deemed to be needed in order to for long-term relationships. During attachment, a bond forms that helps to promote relationships the could go on to last for many years and even decades. The attachment is based on commitments - commitments such as marriage and children - or mutual friendships based on shared interests etc. Higher levels of chemicals like vasopressin and oxytocin have been linked more to long-term relationships as opposed to short-term relationships.

Of course, the above 'stages' refer to interpersonal love. That is, the love between two human beings. But we can also be said to love objects, goals, or principles if we value them greatly and are deeply committed to it, which is known as an impersonal love.( )

Some Other Defines of Love :

  • Love is a force that draws one to another, creating a feeling of happiness and pleasure, and desire to share feelings and experiences. It is often spawned from an initial feeling of attraction, but ultimately is fueled by feelings of a bond between the two. Love need not be returned, unlike friendship. One can love another and the other feeling at all drawn to the one in love. Love can hurt as bad as anything imaginable. Love is not for the weak of heart, it can take all your strength to endure loving someone who does not love you.

  •  Love is an intangible thing. People should probably not put too much faith or belief in love because love is not something that they can touch and faith and belief is needed in something that cannot be tested or explored pragmatically. Love doesn't actually exist. Love is just a word that means a sum of many things. It can encompass friendship, kinship, sexual lust, mental connection, physical connection and a bond. The word love is without value.

  • Love is an emotional attachment between two individual which rests on sentiments, trust, love , affection, a sort of emotional dependency, expectations and many more. There is four different typed of love: 
  • Eros - Love for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife
  • Agape - Unconditional love
  • Storge - Love for animals or things
  • Philia - Love for family and friends.
  • We all love... But sometimes we don't even realize it :)
  •  Love is blindness.
  • Love is like an eternal flame,Once it is lit, it will continue to burn for all time.Love isn't blind, it just only sees what matters.Love is a moment that lasts forever.
  • Love is the greatest ineffability in the globe.
    It is, above all, God's benefaction to mankind.
    It is hard to define, philosophers and poets like to probe.
    The easiest way to describe are two hearts combined.

    The foremost precedence is to love your Creator,
    The arduous task is to cherish your antagonist,
    A person who has no sense of adoration is a traitor,
    It belongs to everybody not just protagonist.

    The essence of love is kindness,
    A lovable person is always solicitous.
    Absence of amorousness is harshness.
    The existence of fondness is felicitous.

    The quintessence of affection is veracity.
    The intention of love is familiarity.
    Use the heart to achieve capacity.
    People involved should live in prosperity.

    If you love other, you do selfless thing.
    You do thing which do not benefit your satisfaction.
    It is not how long you mutually cling.
    But how much love you put into action.


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