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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friends Are No More Friends

Seriously, I’m really screwed up. I feel like no one cares anymore. Friends are no more friends that I knew. Everyone is so different. It’s hard to accept that people whom I loved are now no longer that same person. Life is never easy. I can’t believe things happen so fast. One minute you are laughing with them and the next minute, it’s like everything that was there is gone. I don’t like it. I mean no one likes this. It’s hard to handle things that keep falling apart in my fucked up life and I have to rebuild again and it’s never easy to do that. Sometime I think that there’s something wrong with me .

Everyday thinking of what can happen in my life. Thinking who I will lose and wondering what to do in life. I wanted to go with the flow and I don’t seem to be doing that. I’m tired of all this crap.

Loneliness and pain is what I feel these days. Every stone’s been turned around. My beginning had already begun and now I have to run. There’s nothing left here anymore and it’s making me insane. No one knows how I feel. The day was dark and full of pain. Hope is all I’ve got. My life is meaningless. It’s so hard to get along with empty hands. The world makes me confuse and my sense seem to lose.

“I think our friendship is not strong anymore"


Author said...

Damn... this is all what you wrote, i don't agree to it. I can't expect such a negativity inside you. I know i don't know you much, but still sometimes face speaks so many things that u can't expect reading these kinda of things from you.

I do agree that their are so many things could be running behind the face, but still i am not the one who could find out that currently. I just don't know you, but still i felt bad reading this article of yours.. I hope this is just a myth and actualities must came out to be different. Hope you may reply to this.