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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine Week February 2012

Happy Valentines Day Cards
As Valentine is about to come, Here is the list of all days of love that falls with Valentine

7th Feb : Rose Day

8th Feb : Propose Day

9th Feb : Chocolate Day

10th Feb : Teddy Day

11th Feb : Promise Day 

12th Feb : Kiss Day

13th Feb : Hug Day

14th Feb : Happy Valentine's Day 

Monday, January 16, 2012

What Does Your Woman REALLY Want?

The behavior of women is as much of a mystery to men as that of men is to women. However, one thing is certain. The women love to be wooed. They want to be pursued. They want to be courted. They want men to try and win their affection. It's a great psychological game that both men and women play. The winners enjoy it; the losers end up wondering what went wrong.

To end up as winner men need to understand what women want. Here is a list of seven qualities that every woman expects to see in their men:

1. Well groomed
Do women pay attention to the way a man is dressed?
Do women want men to open doors for them?

Just as men like their women to be pretty, women like their men to be well groomed. They expect their men to be courteous, well behaved and well mannered. Among other things, they expect them to know the social graces. They also expect them to be well dressed, and in tune with the fashion of the day. Men who are loud or bawdy are unlikely to win the attention of sensitive women. The same applies to those men who don't pay sufficient attention to the way they look.

2. Good listener
Should men do what women want?
Listen carefully to what a woman says

All women want their men to pay attention to what they are saying. Men may not agree with their thinking but they should not make the mistake of looking bored or causal. They must pay attention, even if they don't intend to do what their women want. The very fact that their point of view was considered before a decision was taken is enough to make the women happy. It is the basis of a strong relationship.

3. Honest and sincere
Do women want to know everything about their men?
Should men tell everything to women?

Two qualities that women value in their men are honesty and sincerity. They don't want their men to cheat on them or to hold back anything from them. They would like to be equal partners in both the joys and sorrows of their men. Very often men try to hold back their problems related to work or their finances. This is not a good policy. Women feel more wanted and involved when their men take them into confidence. Men should also not try to delude women into false notions. They must gently inform them of their problems without being blunt or cruel. No woman wants to be told that she is ugly, fat or dumb. But, at the same time, they would not like their men to lie to them about their looks.

4. Stable career
How important is financial stability?
Are women after successful men?

Women want stability in their lives. They don't want to be in a situation where they are forced to scrounge for favors. They would like their men to take care of all basic necessities of life. They would therefore prefer men who are successful and well organized. However, this does not mean that they want to hook the rich and the well placed. This is a wrong notion. Money and success alone is not enough to satisfy a woman.

5. Love for surprises
Should men give lavish gifts to win the love of women?
Gifts that women cherish the most

No woman wants to be tied to home and children. She would like some excitement in her life. This is where men need to be imaginative and thoughtful. The surprises need not be big; they can be as simple as enjoying an evening at the theatre, followed by a dinner at her favorite restaurant or it can be driving down to a resort at the weekend. The joy is multiplied if these bonuses come unannounced.

6. Good in bed
What do women want in bed?
Do women like to be forced?
How can women be made happy?

Every woman wants her man to be good in bed. They want to be aroused, and to be sexually fulfilled. The relationship has to be equal in the bed. The man must make an honest effort to fulfill the sexual needs of his women He should, however, not take advantage of a relationship. But he should respect those days when the woman wants to stay off. Women don't like to be pushed into sex unless they are in a mood to do so. They would much rather prefer being cajoled and cuddled instead of being rushed into sex.

7. Intelligent and witty
Are witty men more charming?
How does intelligence matter in a relationship?

Women like their men to charm them. They would like them to be intelligent and witty, who can liven up the evenings and make a room come alive. Men who are dull and boring or too obsessed with their own musings are unlikely to enchant women. Women like men who are willing to chat with them on their wavelength.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be Single and Happy

i am single , Love to be Single,I love myself
Hey, you're single! You don't need to be disappointed. We bring you five benefits that a single status gets you to give you an edge over your married counterparts.


Remember your mother waking up your father every day? Yes, you are lucky. Being single gives you good sleep. There is no one to count the hours you have slept in bed. It's a beautiful world with no one to nag you. Just your bed, your pillow and you.


Being single makes you the Finance Minister. You are free to manage your money. Sharing is a sin. You donĂ­t have to make budgets too. Get anything that you wish. You are the boss.(


You are the boss of your professional life too. You have the freedom to work anytime you want. Socialize all day and do your tasks all night. You can laugh off at your married colleagues who have to rush home to serve their spouse. You are free from commitments. You also don't share your salaries with anyone.


Remember, when you're single, you're not alone. Rejection and denial are your best pals. If you are stuck on a date that is turning bad, make an excuse and get out of that place. No one is asking you to stick there!


Call up friends for a poker tournament with cheerleaders for your amusement. Cook for yourself from whatever you can find in the kitchen. Spy your neighbors. The possibilities are just infinite.