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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be Single and Happy

i am single , Love to be Single,I love myself
Hey, you're single! You don't need to be disappointed. We bring you five benefits that a single status gets you to give you an edge over your married counterparts.


Remember your mother waking up your father every day? Yes, you are lucky. Being single gives you good sleep. There is no one to count the hours you have slept in bed. It's a beautiful world with no one to nag you. Just your bed, your pillow and you.


Being single makes you the Finance Minister. You are free to manage your money. Sharing is a sin. You donĂ­t have to make budgets too. Get anything that you wish. You are the boss.(


You are the boss of your professional life too. You have the freedom to work anytime you want. Socialize all day and do your tasks all night. You can laugh off at your married colleagues who have to rush home to serve their spouse. You are free from commitments. You also don't share your salaries with anyone.


Remember, when you're single, you're not alone. Rejection and denial are your best pals. If you are stuck on a date that is turning bad, make an excuse and get out of that place. No one is asking you to stick there!


Call up friends for a poker tournament with cheerleaders for your amusement. Cook for yourself from whatever you can find in the kitchen. Spy your neighbors. The possibilities are just infinite.